Guidelines and Policies

It is your responsibility to inform all parties involved with your event of the following guidelines and policies.


Renter must be 21 years of age or older. Renter shall use only the rented facilities, as detailed in the Statement of Account, for access to and the use and enjoyment thereof on the date(s) and time(s) and for the event specified.

Sleeping Rooms: Check in time is 3:00 pm and check out time is 12:00 pm. Unless other arrangements are made, rooms must be vacated and all personal property must be removed from rooms by check out time. There is a $50 late fee for any check out after 12:00 pm. Unless requested and is subject to availability. All rooms not vacated by 3:00 pm will be charged for an additional night.

Renter is responsible for turning off coffee makers, AC/Heat units, ceiling fans, and lights when leaving the rooms. Doors leading outside must be kept closed at all times. We are located in a rural setting, so we ask that you do not prop open doors for any reason. This is to keep out any unwanted visitors (i.e. mice, snakes, insects and other “critters”). Under no circumstances shall room occupancy exceed stated occupancy. (No more than 2 people per bed, full/queen or king size.)

Meeting Rooms: The rental period for meeting rooms is from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Unless other arrangements are made, all people and personal property must be out of the meeting rooms by the end of rental period. Renter is responsible for turning off coffee makers, AC/Heat units, ceiling fans, and lights when leaving the facility. Doors leading outside must be kept closed at all times during and after your event. Please do not prop doors open for any reason. Room occupancy shall not exceed stated occupancy.

Maximum occupancy of meeting rooms
Chisholm Trail Meeting Room: 30
Bluebonnet Meeting Room: 50
Yellow Rose: 125
Summers Mill Conference Center: 150
Chapel in the Woods: 50


Once a date has been agreed upon, a quote will be sent. Renter has 14 days to pay a 25% deposit and sign the statement of account. The 25% deposit is fully refundable if cancellation is made prior to 120 days out from the reserved event.


SMRCC reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time, for any reason deemed necessary, including emergencies, non-payment of fees, and violation of any policies. SMRCC will not be liable for any damages or inconvenience.

Cancellation fees will be charged if Renter cancels event, based on the following scale:
25% of total cancelled charges: 120-90 days
50% of total cancelled charges: 90-30 days
75% of total cancelled charges: 30-7 days
100% of total cancelled charges: Within 7 days


Renter is solely responsible for any damage or marks made to the facilities by reason of the placing and/or removal of any decorations. Renter agrees not to staple, tape, tack, or nail decorations to the walls or ceilings. No glitter, water beads or gel beads are allowed. Only flameless candles are allowed. Please do not remove tables and chairs from the meeting rooms. Renter agrees that SMRCC shall have no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage to the decorations or any other personal property of Renter, Renter’s vendors, agents, guests or invitees brought onto the facilities. Renter hereby agrees to indemnify and hold SMRCC harmless for any and all claims for any such loss or damage.

Food Service

Catering: While SMRCC does not provide food service, we encourage you to contact our in-house caterer for all your food service needs. Please contact Willie with Maggie’s Catering at (254) 913-1795. If you decide to use an outside caterer of your choice, it is your responsibility to ensure the cleanliness of all food prep and serving areas, kitchen equipment, etc. after use by your caterer, as well as to ensure your caterer complies with our Kitchen Use Guidelines. Kitchen Use Guidelines: We offer these simple guidelines for help keep our kitchens clean.

  • There is a $50.00 service fee for the use of any outside catering company.

  • Please do not leave food unattended while cooking.

  • Please put all remaining food in trash bags and place closed bags in trash containers.

  • Please leave all cookware clean. Rinse food from dishes and utensils and place in the dishwasher.

  • Please put any used dish cloths or dish towels in the kitchen sink.

  • All kitchen surfaces, including the sink, countertops, stovetop, microwave and refrigerator must be wiped off to rid them of spillage.


All paper, cups, plates, plastic silverware, foil, bottles, decorations, etc. must be bagged and placed in trash containers. All trash containers contain two liners. If additional trash liners are needed, please contact the office or on call if after hours. All tables and chairs must be clean of litter and wiped off to rid them of spilled food and drinks. All decorations, exhibits, props, etc. must be removed from the meeting rooms. Any litter or materials used outside the building must be cleaned up and disposed of properly.


More than one function may be scheduled at SMRCC at the same time as your event.

Noise - Music and general sound at all events must be kept to reasonable levels compatible with the mixed use of the facility and adjacent property. Bands and DJs are allowed, but must set up inside facilities. For our guests’ enjoyment, SMRCC has outdoor recreation areas, the Roadrunner Fitness Center and the Coca Cola Game Room. Please be considerate of other guests when using these amenities. In consideration of all of our guests, please observe the quiet time curfew of 10 pm for all outdoor activities.

Smoking - Each enclosed building is smoke free. Smoking or tobacco use is limited to outside areas. Please use appropriate containers for disposal of tobacco products.

Animals - Animals, other than service animals, are not allowed at SMRCC. A $250 deep cleaning charge may be incurred for guests who bring prohibited pets.


Renter understands and agrees that SMRCC shall not provide any supervision regarding Renter’s use of facilities. Renter agrees that it will be Renter’s sole responsibility to provide adult supervision for all children guests and for adults needing supervision. Renters are responsible for the character, acts and conduct of all event vendors, agents, guests or invitees. All intoxicants, drugs, controlled substances, and firearms are strictly prohibited, concealed or otherwise.


SMRCC does not provide or serve alcohol. Alcohol is permitted to be served, not sold. ALCOHOL MAY NOT BE CONSUMED OUTSIDE BUILDINGS, IN THE PARKING AREA, OR IN OUTDOOR RECREATION AREAS AT ANY TIME unless prior approval from SMRCC management. Persons serving alcohol at the facility must be at least 25 years of age or be a TABC certified bartender. No one under 21 years of age shall be served or allowed to consume alcohol at the facility. Renter or representative must remain in event location until the last person leaves your event. Renter is responsible for the character, acts and conduct of all event guests and attendees. SMRCC is not responsible for the actions of any person in your party or for any damages he or she may cause. SMRCC reserves the right to require a security agreement when alcohol is being served or consumed on the premises.

Liability & Indemnification

Renter will be responsible for any and all damages to the facilities and/or any property owned or leased by SMRCC caused by Renter or any vendor, agent, guest or invitee of Renter during the rental period. SMRCC shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind or character to any person or property arising from the use of the facility or caused by any defect in any building, structure, equipment, furniture, or other property comprising the facility or otherwise owned or leased by SMRCC, or caused by or arising from any act or omission of Renter or any of Renter’s vendors, agents, guests and invitees. Renter, on Renter’s behalf and on behalf of Renter’s vendors, agents, guests, and invitees, waives all claims and demands against SMRCC for any such loss, damage, or injury, and Renter hereby agrees to indemnify and save SMRCC harmless from all liability for such loss, damage, or injury of Renter and/or other persons and/or property, and from all costs and expenses arising therefrom.

Renter will be required to pay for any damages by act of negligence, default or misuse. If SMRCC is required to file suit to collect any amount owed, SMRCC will be allowed to collect reasonable attorney’s fees.

SMRCC and Renter agree that all obligations pursuant to the agreement are expressly made performable at 7441 FM 1123, Belton, Bell County, Texas, and that venue for any legal proceeding arising out of the agreement is in a court of proper jurisdiction in Bell County, Texas. This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. This agreement is binding on the parties hereto and their respective heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns. This agreement is not assignable by Renter without the express written consent of SMRCC. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and cannot be amended except by written instrument signed by the party to be bound or affected by such amendment.

All weddings must also agree to and sign the following addendums: Guidelines for Weddings & Receptions and Security Agreement.

I agree to comply with the above guidelines and policies. I also understand that it is my responsibility to inform all parties involved with my event of the above guidelines and policies.