Rest Retreats

Eli Berry recently wrote an article for the YoungLife Leaders Blog, and we were inspired by the idea and wanted to share it with you.


Busyness distracts us from God’s good gifts and decreases our joy

One of my pastors spoke about busyness:

“When we are always in a hurry, it's hard to give thanks. Our busyness distracts us from God's good gifts, and decreases our joy. We must learn to slow down, so we can notice and receive the gift of each moment.”
Nick Followwell

We all have this gut feeling that we’re too busy and that we need to slow down.

But we also tend to wear our busyness as a sort of trophy.

Here’s the deal - it’s a lousy trophy.

God designed us to experience rest on a regular, recurring basis.


Rest Retreats

In his post on the YoungLife Leaders Blog, Eli Berry gives us a number of tools to plan a rest weekend. His post is geared towards leaders of high school students, but it’s easily applicable for all age groups.

Part of their schedule is a 3-hour period of silence… with high school students. Can you imagine a group of high schoolers being quiet for 3 hours? Can you imagine a group of adults being quiet for 3 hours?

Berry sums up their recent rest weekend with these words, “Believe it or not, the students were grateful to be given the opportunity to unplug and to connect with their peers, and, most of all, to connect with God. They were grateful to have 48 hours without the distractions of life back home.”

I encourage you to read his entire post. It’s extremely helpful in planning a rest retreat.

Meet Summers Mill

Our facility is perfectly suited for rest retreats. We are in a peaceful, country setting in Central Texas, and it’s easy to relax here. We’d love to invite you to hit the reset button and take a personal or family rest retreat or bring a group for a rest weekend.

Matthew Irvine